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Sep 1, 2020 – Sep 1, 2021

Quyloon's Tutoring & Mentoring Services (Q.T.M.S.) is hiring general managers/parents and adults to donate to the Q.T.M.S. global educational initiative per hour, especially during the nCOVID-19 pandemic.

You will receive quality academic/educational, mentoring/behavioral support, and assistance...

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Quyloon's Tutoring & Mentoring Services (Q.T.M.S.) is hiring general managers/parents and adults to donate to the Q.T.M.S. global educational initiative per hour, especially during the nCOVID-19 pandemic.

You will receive quality academic/educational, mentoring/behavioral support, and assistance...

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Quyloon's Tutoring & Mentoring Services just facilitated in an art event, and this is what it discovered. Learn graphic design techniques for a demand job market or just for pure fun!

Los servicios de tutoría y mentoría de Quyloon se acaban de facilitar en un evento de arte, y esto es lo que des...

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Quyloon's Tutoring & Mentoring Services (Q.T.M.S., 2002) is very happy to hear from you! Please remember that Q.T.M.S. is a 4-time advanced certified and licensed entity that is backed by the federal government and international agencies. It works with students/Teams of all ages. You and your min...

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YOUTUBE (CLICK BUTTON BELOW): What are the qualifications of Quyloon's Tutoring & Mentoring Services? Find out here via a mocked interview video!
***You set the price per hour!***

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YOUTUBE (CLICK BUTTON BELOW): How does Quyloon's Tutoring & Mentoring Services help students with state testing, board exams, or placement testing? Please see the link below as you set the price per hour here, online, or at home!

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Referral System [friend(s) must complete 2 sessions]:
01 Friend(s) = 05% off for you, 01 session(s)
02 Friend(s) = 10% off for you, 01 session(s)
03 Friend(s) = 15% off for you, 02 session(s)
04 Friend(s) = 20% off for you, 03 session(s)
05 Friend(s) = 25% off for you, 04 session(s)
06 Friend(s) ...

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¡Los Servicios de Tutoría y Mentoría de Quyloon (Q.T.M.S., 2002) están muy contentos de saber de usted! Por favor recuerde que Q.T.M.S. es una entidad certificada y con licencia avanzada 3 veces respaldada por el gobierno federal y agencias internacionales (en Mexíco, España, etc.). Funciona con ...

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Quyloon's Tutoring & Mentoring Services (Q.T.M.S., 2002) is very happy to hear from you! Please remember that Q.T.M.S. is a 4-time advanced certified and licensed entity that is backed by the federal government and international agencies. It works with students/Teams of all ages. You and your min...

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a year ago
His tutoring have had a great impact on my niece's life.. he doesn't only teach her math, reading and writing, but also good manners and provides advise on how to approach certain situations. He's very flexible, and we are very happy with the result in just a month. He provides a log of what they perform every tutoring session and the improvement. We are very happy with him! I recommend him 100%!
- ana h
6 months ago
Very good service. I'm already seeing improvement with my 5 year old academically, after only a few sessions with Quyloon. I highly recommend this service.
- Brenton L
10 months ago
I was extremely nervous to work with someone in math because of my level and very embarrassed. But Quyloon really made me comfortable. He has this way of making you feel confident and is a no judgmental type of soul. “We’re family..so no judgment!” That helped me. Thanks Quyloon!!!! Amazing!! Can’t wait to do this GED exam and knock it out of the BOX!!!! 👊🏻
- Jecca C

Advanced CRLA, USTA, & NCSI LIC'D, 2002

⬛BIOGRAPHY (Learn about Mr. Quyloon & what he does!)...

-High School, Gifted & Talented, Music (Violin)/Business Studies
-Union County College, A.A. in Business
-Kean University, B.S. Accounting

-Helps newborns, younger ones, adults and senior citizens for 30+ years as a 3-time federally advanced licensed educational officer who cares about the well-being of others as an erudite, behavioral coach, & hospitality service specialist (please see how below)

-Union County College: Served as Assistant Dean, Chief of Staff for the President's Office at Union County College, spoke to well-known senators to book trips to national historic sites, and presented student development data to the College's philanthropic members as an public relations officer for the U.S. Department-led Project Achievement Program. Mr. Quyloon Reese also served as a keynote speaker/public spokesman & was awarded with two Presidential Excellence Awards by President & Dr. Margaret McMenamin, 2014 & 2015 for exceptional student-based and executive-member feedback on his work ethic)

-Kean University: Served as Instructor for 50+ Transition to Kean (T2K) courses (all year-round from 2004-Fall 2010), worked as President & Dr. Farahi's senior executive & Chief of Staff for the piloted, fledgling programs for the President's Office (Access+, C.A.S. Front Desk, & C.A.S. One-Stop Center, Fall 2003-Fall 2010), implemented academic strategies to have T2K ran twice a semester to improve retention and graduation rates (which was approved by the President's Office), & Keynote Motivational Speaker/Public Spokesman, & Chief Advisor to the President's Office

-Best Advisor Award (2014), Union County College

-Violin & Voice Performances (All Unpaid):
Union County College (2002-2003, 2014-2016)
Kean University (2004-2011, 2012-present)
Community at-large (2007-present) along with the Triple Treble Trouble Trio!
⚫Federal Advanced (Level II) Licenses: 
  1. N.C.S.I.  (CONFIRMED as 🛡️SAFE, TRUSTED, & SECURE by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT), Advanced Certification & Federally Licensed: Mr. Quyloon Reese's FEDERALLY approved background check is on file and is processed by federal agents. Thus, this ensures parents/legal guardians, minors, and adults that Q.T.M.S.-ran environments will not be compromised and inappropriate behavior(s) will not be tolerated from all parties and all ages!
  3. C.R.L.A. Advanced Certification & License (LEVEL II): offers you and your minors, from newborns and older, quality academic and mentoring support
  4. U.S.T.A. Advanced Certification & Federal Sport Instruction/Coaching Licensehelps Q.T.M.S. to help all ages to develop an appreciation for sports and learn basic to advance techniques in conceptualized thinking

⚫Notary Accomplishments (Some of them were because of people like you!):
  • Since 2002:#1 Google-Recognized & Endorsed Global Educational, Behavioral, and Hospitality Service Volunteer Agency!

  • 2020-Educational World-Record Holder (please see reasons why near the bottom of this section)

  • 2020-Educational Encouragement Initiative & nCOVID-19 Educational Encouragement/the "cov-ED positivity to ability commendation to recognize all graduates from our dear pre-K  student up to our precious older ones! #covEDpositivity2ability #QTMS

  • 2020-2019-Kids' Choice Recognition (These includes Mr. Quyloon Reese's Q.T.M.S. Teams/team captains & dear spiritual children; the oldest being a 36 year-old male now...Awww...Thank you grandparents, parents/legal guardians, young, and younger ones!) 

  • 2009-2019-Voluntary, free violin & vocal performance for the community at-large also featuring our dear youth group and the "Triple Treble Trouble" Trio!

  • 2007-3-Time Class Valedictorian, College of Business & Public Administration Banner-Holder, Kean University (Accounting)

  • 2004-2-Time Class Valedictorian, Union County College, 4.0/4.0 G.P.A. (Unrecognized due to grade discrepancy)

  • 1997-1-Time Class Valedictorian, Elizabeth High School (Jefferson House-Gifted & Talented: Business & Musical Studies-Violin)

  • History in Musical Studies (Winter 1996-Present) & prior: Junior Violin Improv Autodidact (1994-Summer 1996):

      -High School
  1. First Violinist (First Chair) for Ms. Halyna Kolessa
  2. First Violinist (First Chair) for Dr. Gallagher
  3. First Violinist (First Chair) for Ms. Lupenski

      -Union County College
  1. Recognized by Dr. Vincent Wrice [as Quyloon played in various classrooms on-campus (2002-2004), many faculty and students stopped to hear him play]

      -Kean University
  1. Notary Recognition by:

       -Dr. Anthony Scelba [who asked Quyloon twice to play for the Affiliate Artists (requests were in 2008-2010, 2016), known as the Concert Artists now, which is a distinguished chamber music group at Kean University due to his noted sound quality & innovative improv techniques with the violin and his voice; "You would be good!" were his words and during the Spring 2007 Chamber Music Ensemble he also stated, "Your piece was the best student performance I ever heard!"]

      -Sharon Roffman (who was absolutely shocked...Post-Spring Chamber Music Performance (2007) after hearing him play improv for the first time and not bound to sheet music at Kean University..., "I had no idea you sound like that...Keep playing!" (as she sat down in amazement and listened for another 3 minutes or so as Quyloon was making-up music in his head while not knowing what comes next while playing his violin. This is called improvisation; or simply, improv!). She then said, "You really ought to think about where you are going to go from here! Are you, like, looking to play for an orchestra or something? You really need to contemplate about that. You are good; like really good!...Like your improv technique and sound are truly impeccable...I had no idea you knew how to play like this all this time!" (Quyloon humbly thanked her and told her, "sheet music bottles [him] & but [he] feels very liberal to emote how [he] wants without using it" & Quyloon also believes that every violinist should strive to find their own "voice" and not try to sound exactly like another musician.

TO THINK ABOUT: "If everyone were to sound like a particular singer; yes..., that would make them sound "good". Yet, this would be a bit redundant; don't you think so?! Everything would be the same "color", and that would be musically boring! So, he believes in finding one's own instrumentation, sound, and technique to add color to the grand musical palette in this world; something we can say is different and appreciate even more so!" (Quyloon Reese, 2006-present)

  • Other comments:
-Professor Hafteck [Post Spring Chamber Music Performance (2013} & heard Quyloon improving on violin in the classroom at Kean University and commented on Quyloon's sound on YouTube, "You have a very sweet voice (on the violin) Mr. Q. Keep it up!!"]

-Prof. Musto [Stopped Quyloon three times (2009-2019) during my improvisation on violin and voice and asked to play & sing for the Kean University Jazz Ensemble multiple times].

Lastly, Mr. Quyloon Reese volunteered backstage to help Dr. Scelba with his Double Bass, Ms. Joanna Frankel with her last-minute requests just before performing live, and in so many other ways (CONCERT ARTISTS, KEAN UNIVERSITY: 2009-2012). He still quietly volunteers for Kean University's faculty, staff, and students.



Please read-up on why it is a great choice to service and donate to Quyloon's Tutoring & Mentoring Services (Q.T.M.S.), an online and on-site non-profit agency:

  1. Since 2002, Q.T.M.S. has always been willing to assist our dear communities with their academic, mentoring/behavioral, sports/coaching, and hospitality needs. Your donation to its cause is much appreciated. 
  2. You set your own rate of donation per hour. Yet, to be fair to other donors, all donations are assessed and ranked every Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions for priority booking with Q.T.M.S. 
  3. With 25+ years of educational and behavioral experience, along with Q.T.M.S.' receiving 100% raving reviews from governmental officials, executive educators, school leaders, teachers, staffers, the much appreciated managers (parents/legal guardians) and their Teams (our dear student leaders of tomorrow), many can and do feel safe and sure with Q.T.M.S. ! Why?
  4. Since 2002, Q.T.M.S. has served as a federal educational volunteer officer of the United States and its affiliate international agencies & has earned four (4) advanced licenses by the C.R.L.A., U.S.T.A., and N.C.S.I. Associations ran by the federal government: allowing you and yours to feel protected by the federal government and all Q.T.M.S.-ran safe, sure environments. These advanced licenses help all, especially parents and their minors to have a peace of mind; as all negative behaviors are welcomed to be reported and also will not be tolerated by Q.T.M.S. and the federal government.
  • This federal agency also protects all parties from slanderous accusations, and the N.C.S.I. will investigate any inaccurate claims made by the perpetrator who will then be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the federal law! 

Please feel safe, free, and confident with booking appointments that are plausible for you and yours by dialing and or texting👉908-671-1440👍(referrals are welcomed for even lower donation rates/hour on a seasonal basis)!

  • To encourage academic/behavioral growth, and to be fair to Q.T.M.S. and its affiliates/donors, cancellations are not encouraged. A cancellation fee of $10 will be charged and must be paid prior to booking another appointment with Q.T.M.S.
  • Media coverage may or may not be added to Q.T.M.S.' social media.
  • Please read the additional "Terms and Conditions" and "Disclaimers" sent to your priority email before booking all appointments with Q.T.M.S. Thank you so much for your interest and duly appreciated voluntary donation(s)!

  • Feel free to provide your payment of donation for services rendered or send outright voluntary donations (gifts) via:

Thank you in advance for your business and support!


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